Modeling for Efficient Rebar Production and Assembly

Armed with Tekla, rebar fabricators can expand their services and provide contractors solutions instead of just material. 3D modeling and prefabricating rebar mean less waste during the process and fewer problems on site.

Tekla software lets you run rebar production and assembly smoother.

  • Detail even the most complex rebar
  • Manage fabrication
  • Plan placing
  • Find potential problems early before fabrication
  • Win more profitable tenders

With Tekla, you can enter the BIM workflow of the construction industry, communicate solutions with visualization and present alternative solutions and avoid expensive rework. Welcome shorter lead times.  

Tekla integrates design and detailing with manufacturing and project management: the software interfaces with production management systems and automation machinery. You can generate drawings and schedules for formwork, lift and placement.

Choosing Tekla allows rebar fabricators to collaborate with contractors and subcontractors. Rebar fabricators can communicate with contractors and coordinate their production with site operations with Tekla BIMsight. Everyone stays informed. 


Key benefits 

  • Reduce total cost and time.
  • Standardize products and processes.
  • Identify alternative technical and construction solutions.
  • Integrate design with fabrication management systems.
  • Avoid clashes and errors on site.

Engineering for Ideal Solutions

Modeling before building lets you identify new technical solutions, develop effective delivery chain and reduce process cost. With Tekla, you can detail the most intricate rebar in 3D, improve  design and enjoy easy fabrication and constructability analysis.

Detailing Every Rebar

If you avoid rework you save time and money. With clash checking, you know for sure that off-site bent rebar fits formwork and pours on-site.  As you can generate all necessary drawings from the model, Tekla removes the documenting challenge that  reinforced concrete detailers pose. Tekla comes with extensive rebar libraries and accurate concrete modeling.

Effectiveness to Fabrication

The constructible Tekla models carry the information needed  for rebar fabrication, and it can be exported to ERP and   production systems. Automating production leads to less time consuming, manual and repetitive work.  As Tekla lets you make accurate take-offs of rebar quantity you can order and produce exactly the amount you need.

Placing on Site

Visualization with Tekla software helps place rebar perfectly and later locate it if needed. As the design team can create assembly instructions and send the information-packed model to the construction site, the staff can understand the structure better. Insight on site helps reduce errors and waste and save work. 

Tekla Structures Rebar Fabrication workflow

We work in a close relationship with customers, industrial partners and associations. Our open approach to BIM means that the software integrates and interfaces smoothly with other solutions.

Tekla model data can be integrated with different rebar production automation software solutions:

Tekla collaborates actively with regional and international associations in concrete industry:

Tekla offers services close to you. Enjoy local support, training, consultation and online services like Tekla User Assistance.

We plan the software implementation together with the customer which tends to help customers to save money and time and get operative with the software. Local Tekla and reseller staff has done this before and will find the solutions that suit you. 

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training - basic strucad - kw timmins

I was a little apprehensive about swapping over to Tekla software at first, it is much more advanced than StruCad and I was worried it would be difficult to pick up. After completing the training course I feel at ease, the software is more advanced but easy to learn and I plan to use it straight away on returning to work.
Edward Timmins
KW Timmins & Sons Ltd

We constantly test and develop Tekla Structures. The models provide open, readable data for optimizing the manufacturing process. The industry can use the software to create, combine and distribute highly detailed, accurate and information-rich structural models. Although Tekla is ready to use those who wish can customize it.

Tekla software works with all materials, so models can include precast and cast-in-place concrete, steel, timber or any other material. Knowing others structures of the project ensures that your elements fit together with everything else.  Also, the software comes with a library of design details and users can model, store and share custom components like specific connections.